Elvira Hufschmid is a multimedia artist and a doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON. Her current research focuses on Aesthetic Transformation processes as a methodology for inter – and transdisciplinary collaboration and learning. In her doctoral thesis, she is applying an Aesthetic Transformation strategy to investigate spatial practices of enclosure as they relate to colonial property regimes of the settler society. As a collaborator in the SSHRC-funded art and science project ‘Leaning Out of Windows – Art & Physics Collaborations through Aesthetic Transformations’, she has been an affiliated researcher at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts & Sciences (BAS) at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany, (2017-19).  Elvira holds an MFA in Fine Arts/New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, US, and a diploma in Fine Arts/Plastik (Sculpture) Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Germany (Meisterschülerin Prof. Nestler). She has been teaching as a Visiting Artist at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC and a Team-Guest Professor for ‘Artistic Transformation Processes’ at the Berlin University of the Arts. In 2020, she teaches second year Drawing and a Fieldwork:Topic class (Aesthetic Transformations and the Politics of the Commons) online at Emily Carr University.